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Across The Atlantic

Special Thanks To Rachel & Jayne Barnes, Abrons Art Center, Laverne Campbell 'Auntie', Zaven, Dominique Watson (Videographer).


All The Choreographers

Paige "Queen TuT" Stewart & Kaitlin Oliver

Kathleen Fotheringham

Danita Shaheen

Dominique Robinson

Valentina Horrocks

Nina Little

Rachel & Jayne Barnes



1.British Music Icons


2. Like a River


3. Hit me with a hot note 


4. Co-Exist (Danita Shaheen & Kathlee Fotheringham)




6. Creators (The Kingdom Dance Company- Paige Stewart & Kaitlin Oliver)


7. Lord of the dance


5 Minute Break


8. Get on your feet


9. Slow Dancing In A Burning Room (Valentina Horrocks)


10. Meglio (Nina Little)


11. All Coming Back To Me


Break (Jevan To The Stage)


12. Musical Medley 


13. BOW Group Number (BRAND NEW DAY- Dominique Robinson)

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