Studio Artist



Dancers must be registered for the 150 Virtual Certificate program through Dance Gap Year. 

Must attend all workshops and talks, in person or virtual

Must be willing to donate, allow for public display/use of work or documentation of the making of such works.

must be comfortable participating in live-streamed events as well as documentation of the process. 

Bronx Artist


Pizarts Bronx Artist Residency is open to 6 dancers and 4 visual/performance artists. 

1.) Dancers will live and create in The Bronx for a duration of 3 months. 

2.) Visual/Performance artists (day residents only) must reside in The Bronx. 


Residency Dates: January 17th-April 17th.

Concept: Six dancers and Four artists will collaborate to create an interactive performance that will be both in-person and streamed. Over the course of 12 weeks, artists will complete a serious of creative tasks, short projects, and weekly interviews documenting the creative process in quarantine. Dance residences will receive a certificate of completion and membership for one year to the Global Dance Hub platform and a one-year membership to the UN International Dance Council 


Residency Administrative Fee: *$700 (upon acceptance into the residency)



workshops with local Artists

private room/breakfast

virtual & appointment only event

administrative resources and support

In Scope

We have built our virtual hub during COVID-19 as a service to the global dance community to promote high-quality dance education for all. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation so we may continue our services. We are a registered organization under the Fractured Atlas 501c3 umbrella and your donations will allow us to continue to serve.