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Audition Date: Saturday September 16th 4-7pm

Audition Location: 304 Boerum St #23, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Performance Date: Saturday December 9th 2023 8pm

Audition Day Schedule 

4 - 4:25pm - Introduction / Teachers / Auditioners / Program & Schedule 


4:25 - 4:55 pm Dominique Robinson (Pizarts Founder)

- 5 Min Break 


5:00 - 5:30pm Mile & Bams

- 5 Min Break 


5:35 - 6pm Kanami

- 5 Min Break  


6:05 - 6:35pm Queen Tut,  30 Mins 

Callbacks and project information

Dancers selected will receive a performance stipend of $50, access to the final photography and videos for portfolio purposes, access to Dance Gap Year workshops and talks. 

A full rehearsal schedule will be provided the day of the audition so please have blocked dates available for us that day. 

This project is part of Pizarts Dance Gap Year professional development program. If you have any immediate questions please text Dominique @ (347) 606-0798 or email

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Project 'Resonance'

"Resonance," is a 5-part collective of dance works curated by Pizarts mentors/choreographers. Seamlessly merging the realms of film and live performance.


"Awakening," choreographed by Dom, unfurls a narrative where life's vibrancy and purpose are rekindled, unveiling the profound truth that every element in the cosmos resonates, vibrates, and intimately influences one another. (What to expect from rehearsal A contemporary jazz  based work blending improvisation and choreography, set as a score.)


"The Dance of Energy," a collaborative creation by Mile and Bams, where diverse energies take on tangible forms, and the exchange of these energies among individuals illuminates the transformative prowess nestled within human connections. (What to expect from rehearsal "Street, club, & contemporary fusion with a focus on individual self expression and authentic interconnection.")


Kanami's piece, "Self-Discovery," delves deep into the journey of self-exploration. As dancers seek to grasp and wield their own distinct vibrations, they uncover an innate power to consciously steer and channel their energy, fostering growth and forging meaningful connections.


Queen Tut's, "Unity in Vibrations," poignantly symbolizes the interwoven tapestry of all life forms, resonating with harmony and unity. Each dance represents a poignant facet of interactions, gracefully interlacing artistry with the fundamental truths of existence. (What to expect from rehearsal. A fusion of Hip Hop, Step, Dancehall, and Afrobeat.

Including workshops on how to Learn foundational techniques, audition strategies, and self-esteem building for a holistic dance experience.)



Which pieces are you auditioning for?
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Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

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