global Dance Hub 
 has been providing international opportunities for emerging & established dancers, choreographers, educators, and studios to explore the world through movement since 2014. Our mission is to support dancers' growth & development at all levels through performance opportunities, mentorship, holistic & high-quality dance education and entrepreneurial development. To this day, we have directed, produced and developed dance programs in Argentina, Costa Rica, Tokyo, Jamaica,

and the United States.


We offer performance & choreographic opportunities, individualized dance training,

1-1 mentorship, cross-cultural exchange and entrepreneurship for dancers to support career longevity & sustainability. Exploring one's creative artistry, diversifying training, enhancing performance skills, learning through travel and gaining practical professional development to bring dancers to the next steps in their journey is at

the heart of everything we do.

Today's dancers are more diverse than ever before.

There is no one program fits all.

Our programs are tailor-made and individually-crafted to meet each dancer's needs.


The first international Gap Year Program designed specifically for dancers ages 17+


A 3,000 sqft. private property converted into a live-in/create-in artist residency. A gallery, dance studios with marley, art studio, six private rooms, two bathrooms, and common areas.


online International certificate program 
150-hour certificate and year membership through the United Nations International Dance Council, for emerging dancers, choreographers & educators looking for 1-1 mentorship,

entrepreneurial development & international networking to reach the next steps in their career.

Pizarts is a registered travel agency that tailors and produces events for emerging dancers, studios, and schools.
Attend workshops, perform and travel both domestically and abroad. 


Retreats and Residencies for Dancers, Choreographers, Educators & College Students
Current locations: Costa Rica, Nicaragua, St. Croix & Ireland

Renowned Choreographers + Educators offer workshops & intensives at your studio & online.

Dominique Robinson is an American dancer, choreographer and educator. Robinson received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Choreography from East Carolina University, and a Master of Arts in Dance Education from New York University. She is certified in level 1-5 of the ABT-NTC curriculum and is a staff member of American Ballet Theatre’s Outreach programs.

In 2014, Robinson founded Pizarts Dance Hub for Entrepreneurial Innovation, a company that assists professional dancers, choreographers and teaching artists with international opportunities, workshops and seminars. By 2017 Pizarts awarded two teaching fellows, one from Tokyo, Japan (2015) and the other from Buffalo, New York (2017) with a 4-week teaching tour in Argentina. On its most recent tour, Pizarts gifted three full dance scholarships to young female residents of Argentina for the 8th Annual National Jazz Dance Conference held in 2018. Robinson is the co-founder of Dance Gap Year, an extension of Pizarts based in NY, LA & Abroad. Dance Gap Year provides dancers ages 17 & Up, with the opportunity to receive top dance training from the best teachers in each location plus one-on-one mentorship while studying language, pedagogy and composition for three to eight months.

Dominique Robinson


We have built a virtual dance platform due to COVID-19 as a service to the global dance community to promote high-quality creative and professional mentoring. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation. We are a grassroots company with a sector under the Fractured Atlas 501c3 umbrella dedicated to serving communities both locally and abroad with scholarships for our services.