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Teach Beach Retreat 

Pizarts tailors unique trips that emphasize health, wellness, and community engagement. Over the years we have hosted trips to Costa Rica and Jamaica. This year we will be hosting trips to Puerto Rico. All trips include daily dance workshops, yoga, meditation, in-country travel, and partial room and board. This is a program aimed at disconnecting from our daily norms and technology-driven routines and focuses on nature, comradery, and shared space. In order for us to keep our Teach Beach Retreat programs are affordable because we work with local venues, eco-friendly housing such as bungalows or hostels and we partner with local teachers, artists, and non-for-profits to provide an exchange of culture and activities while giving back to the community. 

    "Amazing!!! My time in Costa Rica was extremely needed. It was such a refreshing experience that gave me all of the motivation and inspiration that I needed. I highly recommend that others attend to witness something different from the fast-paced city life." — Jason Bams

    "I am so proud to have taken part in the incredible work Pizarts has been doing for artists and locals. I look forward to the next trip!" — Milerka rodriguez

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