"During the summer of 2017, I had the honor of being a Pizarts Teaching Fellow, traveling to and teaching in the provinces of Cordoba and Buenos Aires, Argentina. I could not be more grateful for the amount of care and planning that Dominique put in to organizing this trip for the two of us. We taught hundreds of students in a variety of settings, collaborated on a video project, took classes from local professionals, and saw incredible performances. We connected with countless individuals, both from Argentina and abroad, as we experienced various accommodations, ranging from hostels to home stays. Teaching in Latin America had long been a goal of mine, and Dominique made this experience unforgettable."

—Elliott Keller, Pizarts Teaching Fellow
Argentina Residency

"My Japan experience was everything I wanted it to be and more. The schedule allowed for self-guided exploration, which for me is a must. My wonderful host arranged for an array of teaching opportunities, ranging from the usual dance studio environment to the magnificent chance to teach at a temple. I never knew teaching jazz dance to monks was an experience available to me,  but it turned out to be the best teaching experience I've ever had! I look forward to continuing to work with PizArts and returning to Japan to teach at even more locations."

— Truly Bennett, Japan Residency

"Zoe is a great mentor as she is an honest and empathic and within the very first session she put me at ease. She is so generous with her knowledge and also truly cares about the journey of her mentees. It  makes such a difference when mentees are able to feel like their ideas and process are supported and encouraged. She also takes care to find out the background and specific needs of her mentees which allows her to give specific relevant feedback. I am so glad to have connected with Zoe over the past year and as a dancer herself, she understands truly some of challenges dancers can face on a day to day basis."

—Ruth Cheah, Australian Ballerina studying at open World Dance Foundation in St. Petersburg, Russia

Pizarts Mentorship & Entrepreneurial Program Participant

"Overall, I had an incredible experience with the program. I learned so much about how I saw myself fitting into the dance world moving forward, which is something that this program curates really well. Dominique was amazing in catering the program to my interests inside of dance and out. I went in with the intention of exploring the world of contemporary dance, starting to learn Spanish, and learning more about photography. She organized for me to take classes at two different dance studios, one being more established in modern & contemporary dance while the other was more exploratory in the different classes they offered. The combination of the two really helped me feel well rounded in the training I was receiving, while also building different communities throughout the city. I was able to explore and navigating the bigger dance environment/community at one of the studios, while also having a more personalized experience and connection with my teachers at the smaller studio. A lot of the classes I took were completely out of my comfort zone in the beginning, but many of them ended up being the ones I enjoyed most. I was also interning as a photographer at one of the studios, along with taking a photography class and a Spanish class. Dominique was an amazing mentor to have, as she has done and experienced so much, and she still a good friend to me today. I really couldn't be more grateful for how much she has taught me. I'd say this experience is a good fit for anyone who is independent, motivated to explore and delve deeper into the dance world, and is open and ready to accept all of the opportunities that will arise."

—Daria, Dance Gap Year NYC

"Teach Beach Retreat in Costa Rica was amazing! We were footsteps from the  beach, surrounded by wildlife and so much greenery, & the people were the friendliest I've ever met. The outdoor yoga/dance space in Pavones was a favorite spot, and working with the students there and in San Jose was a PRIVILEGE. For me, Costa Rica symbolizes peace. There was such a peaceful atmosphere there, that I almost never wanted to leave!"

— Milerka Rodriguez,
Teach Beach Retreat Costa Rica

"The retreat to Costa Rica was absolutely phenomenal! I found the week to be well organized from the moment I arrived until it was time to return home. The accommodations were reminiscent of summer camp in the best way possible. Boasting lush vegetation and within close proximity to the ocean, the facilities are an oasis. The school was but a short walk away and the students were absolutely thrilled to work with us. This experience reminded me of the reasons why I chose to go into Dance Education, and what a remarkable reminder it was. I look forward to returning and taking part in this experience again, most definitely with fellow educators in tow!"

— Truly Bennett, Teach Beach Retreat Costa Rica

"Amazing !!!! My time is Costa Rica was extremely needed. It was such a refreshing experience that gave me all of the motivation and inspiration that I needed. I highly recommend that others attend to witness something different from the fast paced city life."

— Jason Bams, Teach Beach Retreat Costa Rica



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