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pizarts Dance Ambassadors can be based
anywhere in the world.

Dance Ambassadors represent Pizarts globally. 

Our aim is to support dance professionals by working together to create more opportunities for our field as a whole and grow the global dance community. 

Regardless of where you are in the world, you can work remotely as a Dance Ambassador for Pizarts with a flexible schedule. 

The role of a Dance Ambassador may take many forms and depends on your level of experience and interests. From initiating development of Pizarts programs in new cities & countries to referring participants, dance ambassadors may work as a point-of-contact in their home country (or another country they are traveling to), lead travel programs, teach and/or mentor incoming students.

As an entrepreneurial-based company, Pizarts ambassadors receive commission based on referrals. Ambassadors also have access to discounts and priority on programs, performance, choreographic & teaching opportunities amongst many other incentives.

As a Dance Ambassador, you 
not only represent Pizarts — you become part of a worldwide dance family and international network of dance professionals.

To become a Pizarts Dance Ambassador,
please send a cover letter & cv/resume to

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