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5 Reasons To Visit San Juan

Old San Juan: Surrounded by history, culture, and art, there is something to see at every corner of the cobblestone streets of Viejo San Juan.

Mofongo, Mofongo, Mofgongo!: Did I say mogonfo yet? Well, if you’re in San Juan, you have to try mofongo at least once! It comes in different variations, with either seafood, meat, or both, it’s a popular dish in this tiny but mighty beautiful city.

Beaches: Home to some of the most popular and gorgeous beaches on the island, such as La Playa Condado and Isla Verde, you’ll find yourself never wanting to leave!

Nightlife: Tan all day and dance the night away. Santurce, a town in San Juan, has tons of bars, clubs, and lounges serving some of the island’s best rum. Fun fact: Old San Juan is also the home of the Pina Colada! Check out the restaurant La Barra China and have the famous drink at the place it originated.

Tours to El Yunque Rainforest: El Yunque is home to hundreds of wildlife habitats, mountains, and waterfalls in Puerto Rico. There are plenty of tours which lead to this incredible jungle.

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